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Black's BBQ of Lockhart, Tx

Our last stop in in Lockhart is at Black's BBQ. Eric had visited here a few weeks ago when I wasn't available. He decided to roll back down there with me so that I could try it out. His initial evaluation of it was essentially "Meh".

So when you arrive into Lockhart, you will see signage for Black's BBQ all over the place. Every side of town and all over town seem to have bill boards for it. When you actually get to the restaurant a couple of blocks off of the square, their sign's aren't nearly as robust. The building has a wood facade on the outside to give a rustic feel.

When you walk in every picture on the wall seems to have one of the Black's in it. The booth that we sat in had pictures of Norma and Edgar Black's Wedding, Aggie Ring Dance, and posing with Senator Lloyd Doggett. They have definately infused themselves into the dining area. Another thing that I noticed were the mounted Longhorn's all around the top of the wall in dining area. Lots and lots of stuff on the wall to gander at while you are eating.

We walked through the tiny hallway to get to the serving line. Due to the space constraints I didn't take any pictures in that area because I couldn't get my camera to focus correctly or have line of sight to what I wanted to see.

I ordered essentially the same thing that I always do. 1/2 lbs. moist brisket, 2 pork spare ribs, and a link of sausage. They serve their sides off of a buffet tray serving area. They are after my heart though. They had candied yams on there topped with some marshmallows. I picked up a side of potato salad as well.

The course ground beef sausage had a pretty good smoke flavor, but like my other experiences outside of Elgin, TX the sausage just wasn't that good in my opinion. The pork ribs had a great smoke flavor, they pulled apart nicely and weren't overcooked. They didn't seem to have a very heavy rub on them.

Now the best for last. The brisket was amazing! Great smoke flavor from the charcoal bbq's, super tender, and satisfying. This brisket is something I would come back for. This redeemed my hope in Lockhart to produce a good brisket since the other three places I've been to there just didn't meet that test. Black's makes a good sauce, it's pretty tangy and more savory than sweet in my opinion. Although you don't need to use it at all on the brisket.

Eric seemed to be of the same opinion as I this trip, and I believe that it may have made both of us question if we had just gotten bad batches of brisket at the other places in Lockhart. I know I was pleasantly surprised by Black's and I'll be going back there.

Posted Sun 17 December 2017 by Adriene in misc